MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2015 – 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order – by Board President, Keith Miller

a. Keith welcomed the 75 residents present at the meeting.
b. He noted that the HOA Board of Directors has been reviewing our legal documentation as discussed at last year’s Annual Meeting. The Declarations and By-Laws were written was in 1984 and contain inaccuracies and omissions.
c. He stated the rules for speaking at tonight’s meeting:
   i. Wait to be recognized
   ii. State your name and the address of your residence
   iii. Be Respectful
d. The next Board of Directors meeting will be Monday, December 14, 2015 at 7:00 pm at St. Edwards Episcopal Church
   i. Anyone is invited to attend for further discussion of tonight’s – or other – issues or concerns

2. Committee Reports

a. Architecture – Joe Samek – (Joe leaves the Board at the end of the year and we thank him for his work on this busy committee.)
   i. Many more requests have been received which is a good indication that people are taking care of their property.
      1. Front doors and windows
      2. Driveways
      3. Repairing gutters and downspouts
   ii. Any roof leaks should be referred to the committee and they will get in touch with the contractor.
   iii. Pressure washing and painting will continue on a 3 year rotation
       1. The houses that will be done in 2016 will be listed in the newsletter and on the website.

b. Compliance – Pam Wise (In Pam’s absence Scott Sterner read her report. Pam also leaves the Board at the end of the year and we thank her for her work on this busy committee.)
   i. 37 letters have been sent to home owners for issues such as:
       1. Weeds
       2. Broken lattice
       3. Parking on lawns
       4. Siding in disrepair
       5. Recycle bins being left on curb
   ii. $650 has been collected in fines for violations
   iii. Questions/comments from members in attendance
       1. Whose responsibility is the pine trees on Nolt Road and Winding Hill?
          a. Gene Mummau, Landscape chairman will look into this
       2. What about the trees in the back area of Pinnacle Point?
     3. Home on Pinnacle Point vacant for 8 months is a problem for the surrounding neighbors.
          a. Do we still retain counsel?
          b. Yes and there is a process that we are following on the compliance issues
       4. Clarification is needed on the HOA’s definition of a commercial vehicle.

a. Finance – Keith Miller
   i. The review process and audit for the 2014 financials has been completed
   ii. Net income for 2015 is in excess of budget to date and should remain so if there are no large expenditures for snow plowing in December.
   iii. There are approximately 15 or 16 units that are delinquent in their HOA dues, with 4-5 of those being significantly past due because of foreclosures and short sales.

b. Landscape – Gene Mummau
   i. Weekly mowing is done for the year
   ii. Fall leaf collection has not happened as many leaves remain on the trees
   i. Goal is to only do once so we are waiting for all leaves to come down
   iii. Swales are being maintained
   iv. Trimming of pear trees is done every 3 years.
       i. Only original trees or their replacements are trimmed
   v. Lawn edging is generally done once a month
  vi. Committee looking at replacing the material on the hills in order to eliminate need for weed
whacking those areas.
   vii. Beauty strips (grass between sidewalk and street) are to be reconditioned in the spring
       i. Residents are asked to not place Tuesday night’s trash on the grass, but rather on the edge of driveway or on the street at the curb
   viii. Pinnacle Point and Nolt Road wall was crumbling onto the electrical box and had to be fixed
   ix. Snow removal is done to driveways and sidewalks after a snow ends that accumulates to at least 3 inches
       i. Check the HOA website for when the plowing is expected
      ii. The north side of Tree Tops, where the driveways are very steep is where plowing begins
       iii. Move your car into the street if you park in driveway and want it plowed
   x. Email questions to Gene at
       i. Important: Put “Landscape” in the subject line.
   xi. If you have an emergency you may call him at 598-3040
   xii. Questions from Members:
       i. 100 Pinnacle Point has no grass in the back yard. In rain the mud is washing down into neighbors’ yards
       ii. Is salt used pet-friendly? Gene did not know.
       iii. Hills that are not landscaped behind properties. Owners were being fined and now some hear this is no longer happening and HOA is taking care of them. Board to look into this.

c. Media/Hospitality – Bonnie Benjamin
   i. HOA Website is the primary spot to look for updates and information of interest to all residents.
   ii. is a useful site for communicating with neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods, where HOA info is also sometimes posted, such as notice of the Annual Meeting.
   iii. Working on getting more members to provide their email to the Board, which will allow for quick updates of things going on. If you have not given your e-mail to the Board, please do so, so that you may be kept informed when things happen outside the timing of the quarterly newsletters.
   iv. The newsletters are being sent via e-mail to those who have given us their address. This is a good cost saving for the HOA
   i. Newsletters are being sent to the renters as well as the owners so that the renter is kept informed since landlords do not always communicate with their renters in a timely fashion
   v. Fall yard sale had 31 residences participating. Bonnie interviewed all participan and they were happy with the results and want to continue next year.
       i. 2016 is tentatively set for Saturday, August 27, 2016
   vi. Hilltop Helpers is a listing of neighbors (homeowners or tenants) who are willing to volunteer tohelp with specific projects from time to time, it will be coordinated by the Board.
       i. These could include an elderly or ill neighbor who is unable to take care of their courtyard or other outside owner property
       ii. Helping with yard sale or any other HOA possible events

3. Election of HOA Board Members

a. Linda DePatto
b. Rebecca Delaney
       i. A motion was made and seconded that the above names be placed on the HOA Board. Motion carried

4. Presentation of 2016 Budget – Scott Stoner

a. Budget was presented
   i. No fee increase for 2016
   ii. Discount for paying dues by the year will be the same as 2015
b. A motion was made and seconded that the presented 2016 HOA Budget be approved. Motion carried

5. Old Business

a. Signage for non-solicitation, as approved at the 2014 Annual Meeting.
   i. Some delays in how to best meet East Hempfield Township regulations
   ii. Signs have been received and should shortly be seen
       1. Two signs for Winding Hill Drive
       2. One sign on Spring Walk
       3. One sign on Pinnacle Point Drive
b. Declarations review and updating – Special Presentation by Marshal Granor, Esq.
   1. HOAs were developed to enforce the Articles in the Declarations
   2. The HOA Board can change the Rules & Regulations as long as it is within the law
       a. Example: new law states you must allow satellite antenna dishes
   3. In 1984 when Hilltop’s were written, there were no Pennsylvania statutes for such things
   4. There are 3 sets of guidelines
       a. Declarations – which must have 90% of the homeowners approve a change
              i. Presently there are 5 different Declarations registered with the County.
              Four are basically the same – one is entirely different
       b. By-Laws – require 51% of the homeowners to approve a change
       c. Rules and Regulations require a majority of the HOA Board to approve changes.
   5. Hilltop is unique in that it is a large community that is self-managed and in light of tonight’s attendance it seems to be working well in his opinion.
  6. Some of the things that seem to need clarification in our present documents include
       a. We are not condominiums, as stated
       b. Common area references; we have no common areas
     c. The Board does not have certain authority, normally included in Declarations, which it should have in order to govern effectively, such as gaining entrance to a vacant home for remediation of pests and garbage.
      d. There are things in the Declarations that should be in the Rules and Regulations
and vice versa.
   6. Concluding Remarks
       a. Keith thanked Bishop Aaron Young of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for letting us use their lovely facility at no charge.
       b. Keith reminded those in attendance that the next Board of Directors meeting is on Monday, December 14, 2015 at 7 p.m. at St. Edwards Church
              i. Anyone wanting to go further into an issue discussed tonight should plan to attend.
              ii. If you are going to attend, please inform Keith prior, so a large enough room can be secured.
       c. Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted
Joan E. Oberrender
Acting as Recording Secretary
Ed. B. Benjamin

General Information

Board of Directors for Hilltop for 2021:

Jeffrey Butch – President and Architectural Chair

Carole Campbell – Vice-President and Landscaping Chair

Skip Walters- Secretary and Compliance Chair

Keith Miller- Treasurer and Finance Chair

Lauren Dufault- Hospitality, Website, and Newsletter

Adam Westgate- Management Firm

Scott Sterner- Accountant

*The monthly fee for 2021 is $158.50/mo. *

Payments can be made electronically, by mail or just drop your check in our special HOA box on Winding Hill Dr. at Nolt (next to regular PO boxes). Please put your name or street address on your check.

*Monthly maintenance fees are anticipated to increase 10% per year, as permitted by our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions  As has been communicated at the Annual Homeowners Meeting and other owner meetings as well as by email and personally delivered documents,  as a 35+  year old community, Hilltop does not currently have sufficient monies set aside to repair or replace due to ‘normal wear and tear’, all the items detailed in our governing documents, now and in the future (Ex. “External surfaces” such as: roofs, siding, gutters, chimney surfaces, etc.).

2021 Annual Yard Sale
The 2021 Hilltop Yard Sale will be on Saturday, August 21st from 7am-12pm. The Hilltop Annual Yard Sale is heavily advertised and well attended. We look forward to seeing you in August!

Mailing Address

Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 4841, Lancaster, PA 17604-4841

You can also drop off any communication for Adam or the Board at the HOA Box on Winding Hill Dr. just off Nolt Rd.

Contact: Adam Westgate, Property Manager