Hilltop FAQs

What is a Homeowners’ Association (HOA)?

     Your Homeowners’ Association is a PA corporation, formed to administer and enforce the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (Governing Documents) to which all Hilltop properties are subject. The Board consists of 5 members who are elected by the owners at the Annual Meeting for 2-year terms. Any resident in good standing is encouraged to run for the Board or volunteer for one of the committees that assist the Board.

What rules should I know when living in an HOA governed community?

     The basic Rules & Regulations of Hilltop as well as the Fines Policy are contained in separate documents located on the website. 

     Information pertaining to the make-up, definitions, and policies of the Hilltop Homeowners’ Association is detailed in the Hilltop Homeowners’ Association By-Laws. Information pertaining to the covenants, conditions and restrictions to which all properties are subject, is detailed in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Hilltop. These documents were provided to all Owners upon purchase of a Hilltop property and are also available on the Hilltop website www.HilltopHOA.com.

Who do I contact if I have a question for the HOA?

     Day-to-day administration of Hilltop is carried out by our Property Manager, Adam Westgate of Westgate Property Management, LLC.  He can be reached at his email:
          managementhilltophoa@gmail.com or

When is the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting?

     The Annual Meeting is usually held in late November or early December (to have as complete financial statements and budget as possible), at which time those owners present and those who have submitted an approved proxy, vote for new officers for the HOA Board for the upcoming year, review the annual budget, hear what has changed at Hilltop in the prior year and what the plans are for the upcoming year.  

     Discussion is encouraged, although in order to plan the meeting, questions or areas of discussion are requested to be given to the Board President at least a week prior to the meeting.

     Refreshments (appetizers, cookies and other desserts, cider and water) are served!  Come meet your neighbors.

Does Hilltop have a newsletter?

     Yes and we also send out regular updates about such things as mowing, repairs, painting schedules, etc. so it is imperative that we have an accurate email for you (and any tenants).  Please email Adam at managementhilltophoa@gmail.com so that he can put your email in our mail system.  We do not send spam or advertising of any kind, only news directly relating to Hilltop residents.  We would never share your email with anyone else, it is strictly for internal communications with Hilltop residents and owners.

Does Hilltop have a Facebook page?

     No.  The closest thing we suggest you do is join Nextdoor.com which is a tightly controlled (you must prove you are a resident to join) group forum.  This is completely separate from Hilltop and we do not administer it other than issuing an invitation to any Hilltop resident who is not already a member.  You can ask questions, sell things, post a yard sale, and more, knowing it will only connect with people in Hilltop and the close neighborhoods you choose. Much safer than Facebook.  Contact our Property Manager if you want to be sent an invitation. managementhilltophoa@gmail.com

Does Hilltop have an annual Yard Sale?

     Yes!  It is held the Saturday before Labor Day and is highly advertised. Because we get a LOT of cars, we ask anyone who is NOT participating to please park their cars in their driveway to provide as much street parking space as possible between the hours of 7 AM and about noon.

Who takes care of lawn mowing, fertilizing, mulching, edging, etc.?

     Hilltop contracts with a lawn maintenance company to do all the mowing, in addition to spring cleanup of the beds, edging the beds, and mulch in the spring. 

     Hilltop also contracts with another company to do all fertilization and weed control since a special license is required to apply these products.

     Note #1: During spring clean-up they will also try to clean weeds and dead plants out of front beds. If you have plants or shrubs that you do NOT want removed or pruned, tie a pink ribbon around one of the branches and they will not touch it.

     Note #2: Authorized start times are 9 AM on weekends and 8 AM on weekdays. During spring cleanup and mulching, particularly if rain is anticipated, they may start as early as 7 AM. This is a once a year possible inconvenience to keep our beds looking neat and clean. We appreciate your understanding.

     Attention:  Owners are responsible for all weed removal in the beds on their property.  If you are not physically able to do this, the Board may be able to find volunteers to help you.

Where can I find out more about Recycling?

     You can find answers to your recycling questions here:


Who prunes the trees?

     The HOA is responsible for pruning the pear trees next to the road because they were planted by the developer.  Any additional trees or shrubs have been planted by subsequent homeowners and are owner responsibility. See the Rules & Regulations under Garden and Landscape for more details.

What do I do if I have storm damage to my siding, roof or other area of my home?

     Please contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier to file a claim.  The HOA is only responsible for ‘normal wear and tear’ to exterior surfaces.

What do I do if I have a roof or gutter leak?

     If this is NOT storm or weather related (see above if it is), contact Hilltop’s Property Manager at managementhilltophoa@gmail.com to take a look at your situation.  If the problem is due to normal wear and tear, the HOA will pay for the repair.  Depending on the type of problem, the HOA may ask the owner to get bids on the repair and the Board will need to approve the repair if it is to be submitted for reimbursement.  

My chimney seems to be leaking. What do I do?

     Contact the Hilltop Property Manager at managementhilltophoa@gmail.com.  He will make arrangements for the chimney to be inspected for leaks.  If the problem is with the stucco coating or flashing, the HOA will make arrangements for repairs or replacement.  If the problem is the chimney itself (such as a missing chimney cap) that is the responsibility of the homeowner to have fixed or replaced.  The HOA is not responsible for any of the working parts of the chimney from the firebox to the cap.

I noticed that some chimney exteriors are being redone. What’s happening?

     The chimney covering (stucco) is repaired or replaced by the HOA.  If it is replaced, the flashing will be replaced also. From 2020-25, chimney coverings will be changed to siding from stucco as part of overall maintenance.

     Chimney Removal option (new):  At the time your unit’s chimney is being resurfaced with siding you may choose to have the exterior portion of your chimney removed (if you have a gas fireplace, for example).  If you want to elect this option, you must notify the Property Manager as soon as you know your unit will be updated.  

What kind of wood can I burn in my fireplace?

     Fireplaces shall only be used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.  Fireplaces not designed for regular heating of the Dwelling Unit shall only be used for entertainment purposes on an occasional basis.  Improper use of fireplaces constitutes a safety hazard.  

     ONLY compressed logs (not regular wood logs or kindling) are to be used in the fireplaces per the manufacturer’s instructions.  For this reason, no storage of firewood or kindling is permitted on any property. 

Can I install a gas fireplace?

     If you want to install a gas fireplace, you will need to submit a request to the Property Manager to obtain approval of the Architecture Committee to have a propane gas tank for your fireplace.  It must be situated so as to not be visible from the street and be attractively screened by a fence or shrubs. 

     If you wish, when the HOA does chimney replacement for your plex, you may request removal of your exterior chimney at no charge.  If you wish it removed at any other time, the homeowner will be responsible for the cost. 

Do I have to have homeowner’s insurance?

     Yes.  It is required under our Governing Documents and proof of insurance must be supplied to the Board upon request.  

Can I put in a hot tub?

     If you wish to have a hot tub, please submit your request to the Property Manager at managementhilltophoa@gmail.com. It must be shown to be at the back of the home and sufficiently concealed so as not to be a nuisance to any neighbor.  Upon sale of the home, the hot tub must be removed unless the buyer agrees in writing to keep the hot tub and the Property Manager is informed of such.

Who maintains what on the outside of my home?

     The HOA provides maintenance, repair and replacement of roofs, gutters & downspouts (but not drainage of water from the bottom of the downspout away from the owner’s and neighbors’ property), chimney surfaces (stucco/siding) and siding due to ‘normal wear and tear’ only.  Any damage due to storm, abuse or negligence by the resident of the home is the owner’s responsibility.

     The HOA also provides painting and staining for all exterior wood such as door trim, garage doors, decks, fences and stairs on a 5-year rotating basis.  You will be notified when your home will be done. Please remove all items from deck and patio areas.

     Note:  Owners are responsible for keeping all wood items in good repair.  Painting and staining will not be done where they have not been maintained and the HOA, at their discretion, may make the repairs in order for the painting/staining schedule to move forward and charge the owner for those repairs that are not covered by the HOA (decks, fences and stairs). 

     In addition, the HOA on the same 5-year rotating basis paints front doors, garage doors and wood trim around the doors. 

Who does snow removal?

     The HOA has contracted with a snow removal company to plow driveways, shovel sidewalks and walkways between the driveway and the courtyard gate.  See separate document Snow Removal Policy for more details.

How much is the monthly maintenance fee?

     The monthly fee is set by the Board each year, based on the upcoming needs of the community.  The amount is posted on the website www.hilltophoa.com 

     The fee is due by the 10th of the month and can be paid monthly, however, if you wish to save some money by prepaying the whole year by January 31st, that option is available.  Information about this is on the website as well as in the January newsletter.

     The maximum amount it can be increased in any one year is 10%.  Should there be an extraordinary need for a major improvement, the Board has the authority to call for a temporary assessment for that sole purpose, which would be in addition to the monthly fee.  There are no current assessments. 

My family has 5 cars. Is there enough street parking?

     Hilltop Rules and Regulations limit each home to ONE car parked on the street.  Any additional cars are not allowed to park for more than 24 hours on the street.  We have 3 cul-de-sacs and limited street parking, so this is the only way we can be fair to all residents and make sure everyone has room.  You are free to park as many cars as you want in your own garage and driveway.

I have young children. Are there any play areas?

     No, only the area around your own home.   There are no common areas, even though it may look like there are large areas of grass that are very tempting to play on.  All homes are ‘fee simple’ meaning each home owns the property around it as described on the deed when purchased. Please respect your neighbors and ask permission if you want to use their private property.

Can I have a permanent play structure in my backyard?

     No.  Hilltop Governing Documents prohibit any sort of separate structure (play structure, dog house, shed, etc.).


     Please do not leave bicycles, toys, etc., on sidewalks where someone could trip, or in the grass where a mower could run over them.  Should this happen and the equipment or operator sustain injury or damage, the homeowner will be held responsible and billed for damages. 

Where do I get a key for my mailbox?

     All mailboxes in Hilltop are controlled by the US Post Office.  The HOA does not control or give out keys. When you purchase your home, the seller should tell you the box number and give you their key.  If they do not, tell your carrier. Most carriers are equipped to change out the lock and give you a new key. You can also go to the Post Office on Harrisburg Pike and request a new lock and key.  There may or may not be a charge for this.

Can I change my front door, add another flower bed, plant a tree outside my courtyard, etc.

     ANY and ALL exterior changes to a home MUST be submitted to the Property Manager managementhilltophoa@gmail.com and approved by the Landscape or Architecture committee before any work is done.  If you make a change without approval you may be fined and asked to remove the change at your own expense.  Getting approval is not difficult so long as your changes are consistent with the “look” of Hilltop. Our goal is to make sure all property values are maintained. 

I want to put in a new deck and fence. Will the HOA paint/stain it?

     Maybe.  When you submit your request for addition/repair to the Property Manager and approval by the Architecture Committee, you will be informed when your unit will be painted.  

     If it is in the schedule the same year as your construction, it will be included ONLY if it can be painted within the normal painting schedule of our contractors (Usually April – May).  If your construction is done in a year when your unit is NOT scheduled to be painted, or if the construction is done outside of the time the painters are here, you will be responsible for the painting/staining at your own cost.  The HOA can’t change the contracted painting schedule.

I want to get satellite TV. Do I need approval for a satellite dish antenna?

     Yes.  It is considered an exterior change.  

     This is a new requirement beginning in 2019 because antenna installers have been putting them in front courtyards, creating an eyesore.   We request that dish antennas be placed on the back roof of a home or in as inconspicuous a place as possible. Please submit your request to the Property Manager managementhilltophoa@gmail.com.  

     When you move, you are responsible for removing the dish unless you have an agreement in writing from the buyer that they want the dish (must be supplied to the Property Manager at least 1 week prior to closing) and repairing any roof damage caused by the installation.  

Can I put up a political sign to support my candidate?

     No.  Signs are not permitted anywhere on a property (including in windows). The only signs permitted in Hilltop are real estate signs for the purpose of selling your home.

Question not answered here?

     Check the Rules and Regulations listed on the Hilltop website at www.hilltophoa.com.

Here’s the Property Manager’s contact information again:

     Day-to-day administration of Hilltop is carried out by our Property Manager, Adam Westgate of Westgate Property Management, LLC.  He can be reached at his email:
          managementhilltophoa@gmail.com or 717-305-8332

     See also “Legal” tab for Rules and Regulations, Penalties and General Info

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