Hilltop Announcements

2023 Annual Homeowners' Meeting

See here for updates on the scheduling of the 2023 Hilltop HOA Homeowners’ Meeting.

Meeting details and materials are also emailed, so please be sure that the Property Manager has your updated email address. Contact ManagementHilltopHOA@gmail.com with any updates to your contact information.

Your Maintenance fees at work.


As previously announced by email, your Board is working with Zimmerman’s roofing to replace all chimney outer surfaces.  The old, cracked stucco will be removed, all flashing replaced and new vinyl siding installed.  If there is water damage to the underlying wood structure (box), that will also be replaced.  This will be done for all chimneys over a 5-year period. 

Roof and other surfaces inspections:

Update (7/23/20): all units in Hilltop have been inspected.  This included the roof, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, and siding.  At that time all gutters and skylights were cleaned and minor repairs made at no additional charge. 

Zimmerman’s has given a report to the Board listing all repairs needed, including photos.  Since most are serious (repair or prevent leaks) the Board has contracted Zimmerman’s to fix ALL repairs.  This should be completed during August (weather permitting).  

Nearly ALL units in Hilltop require repairs, primarily replacing cracked vent boots.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping Zimmerman’s compete all repairs in a timely manner.

Chimney resurfacing: (over the next 5 years)

Each plex will be notified in advance.  At that time you will have the option to have your chimney removed (for example, if you now have a gas fireplace) at no charge and/or a non-functioning satellite dish antenna removed for a special price of $197. (Note: when a home is sold any dish antenna must be removed and all roof repairs made unless the buyer states in writing that they want the dish and will be responsible for it.)

If you have old skylights

During Zimmerman’s inspection of all homes, they not only cleaned all skylights, they also reported on condition.

The old “dome” skylights (those not replaced when roofs were replaced 12-15 years ago) are ALL in very poor condition and likely leaking.  Zimmerman’s advises that they should be replaced ASAP.  Zimmerman’s can do it for you or you can hire a licensed contractor of your choice.  If you do, you MUST notify the Board and get the OK BEFORE any work begins.

Note:  Skylights are NOT HOA responsibility.  Per Hilltop governing documents, all skylights are owner responsibility.

Q:  What if I don’t want to replace my skylights?

Should a leaking skylight cause roof damage, the owner will be responsible for the cost of that roof repair.

Additional information will be provided to those few homes affected by this.


Important information sent to all in May

The HOA on May 1 mailed a packet of information to all owners and tenants/residents.  If you do NOT have this, or have moved in after May 1, the same information is now on this website.


The packet contained the following:

Cover letter/newsletter

Contact information form – this is to be sure that we have the most up-to-date contact information for all residents so that we can both mail and email you in a timely manner.

Updated Rules and Regulations

Updated Penalties and Fines Policy

FAQs – this is new and will help answer some of the most common questions.

General Information

Board of Directors for Hilltop for 2023:

Keith Miller – President and Finance Chair

Carole Campbell – Vice-President and Landscaping Chair

Michael Mullaney – Member at Large and Media/Hospitality Chair

Brad Townsend – Member at Large and Architectural Chair

Adam Westgate – Property Manager

Scott Sterner – Accountant

*The monthly fee for 2023 is $174.00/mo.*

Payments can be made electronically, by mail or just drop your check in our special HOA box at the intersection of Winding Hill Dr. and Nolt Rd. (next to regular PO boxes). Please put your name or street address on your check.

2023 Annual Yard Sale
The 2023 Hilltop Yard Sale will take place on August 26, 2023. The Hilltop Annual Yard Sale is heavily advertised and well attended. We look forward to seeing you in August!

Open Board Position
The Hilltop HOA Board of Directors is currently seeking a homeowner to sit on the Board. Please email Keith Miller, the Board President, at redrosemiller@hotmail.com if interested.

Mailing Address

Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 4841, Lancaster, PA 17604-4841

You can also drop off any communication for Adam or the Board at the HOA Box on Winding Hill Dr. just off Nolt Rd.

Contact: Adam Westgate, Property Manager