Board of Directors through 12-31-16
See the new Board members and new positions for 2017 in the body of this newsletter.

Keith Miller 471-1388
100 Treetops Drive 
2-year Term through 12/31/ 2016
President & interim Chair of Landscape

Linda DePatto 940-6888
33 Spring Walk Court 
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Compliance

Rebecca Mullaney 898-9693
218 Winding Hill Drive 
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Architecture

Bonnie Benjamin 898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive 
2-year Term through 2016
Treasurer and Chairperson of Finance
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor


Scott Sterner 898-0154
110 Winding Hill Drive
Accountant for the HOA, not a Board member. 

Pam Wise 682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
Hilltop Helpers coordinator, not a Board member. 

HOA website:

December 2016 Newsletter

Note: This edition will be shorter than usual because we
are including the budget and payment coupons for 2017
in the mailing.

Hilltop Annual Homeowners Meeting

The annual meeting was held Monday, November 7th. The pre-meeting ‘meet and greet’ proved popular, as did the refreshment table!

You can read the full Minutes of the meeting as well as see a copy of the full budget on the HOA website.

Following is a summary of the main topics, actions and discussions from the meeting.

Monthly Maintenance fee for 2017 is $111/mo. or $1292 (3% discount) for those who want to pay in full before Jan 31, 2017.

Per the Declarations, the Board is responsible for all exterior maintenance of the units as well as all landscaping. Hilltop is now 30 years old and maintenance is becoming an expensive issue for the Board, hence the increase in the monthly fee. The Board has identified 7 major projects that must be addressed for areas that are falling down, dangerous or extremely unsightly and will get competitive bids for all these projects.

Our investments are paying minimal interest.

The Board will get competitive estimates for all painting and staining, as well as pressure washing exterior walls (especially those that are mossy and north-facing).

The Board has signed another 3-year contract with ZJ’s for mowing, landscape maintenance and snow removal.

A review of expense has resulted in savings of almost $1,100/yr.

Hilltop has joined CAI (Community Associations Institute) that provides extensive free information resources for HOA communities like Hilltop.

1. ANY changes planned to the exterior MUST be submitted to the Architecture Committee for approval FIRST.

Failure to do so could result in a fine or the removal of the improvement at the homeowner’s expense.

2. The Revised Rules and Regulations are posted on the HOA website. Please read them. They apply to EVERYONE who lives in Hilltop whether owner or tenant. If you want a printed copy, please contact a Board member.  

3. Holiday Decorations may be displayed for no more than 45 days spanning the holiday and must be removed no later than 15 days after the holiday ends.

4. A formal, standardized snow removal policy was put in place in 2016 and is available on the HOA website. If you want a printed copy, please contact a Board member or download at

5. Fireplaces are for decorative use ONLY.
They are NOT intended to heat homes.
Have you tested your smoke detector lately?
Have you had your chimney cleaned?

HILLTOP welcomes 2 new Board Members

Jessica Reese

Jess and her husband Tom moved into their home on Winding Hill in June 2015. Their blended family consists of three children, Julia, Justin and Blythe.

She currently works as a Director of Sales for
Daymon Worldwide.

Jessica has served on multiple HOA boards and committees in most of the cities where she previously resided. She enjoys the opportunity to become involved in the community, meet and get to know neighbors, and be a part of long-term success in the neighborhoods where she lives.

Adam Westgate

Adam Westgate is a Hempfield High School graduate, who earned his Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from West Virginia University. He has lived/worked in several states before returning to Lancaster to work for a local landscape architecture and engineering firm. He bought his home on Pinnacle Point Dr. in 2016.

Adam is also the author and illustrator of Paw Print Stories, a children’s book series starring several dog characters. He recently published his first two hardcover books and kicked off his anti-bullying program at Centerville Elementary School.

Adam hopes his background in landscape design and building can be useful to the Hilltop team.

Meet Your New (All Volunteer)
HOA Board, and
Committee Chairs for 2017

Jess Reese, HOA Board President
Hospitality & Media Chairperson
213 Winding Hill

Linda DePatto, HOA Vice-President
Compliance Chairperson
33 Spring Walk Court

Becky Mullaney, HOA Secretary
Architecture Chairperson
218 Winding Hill

Bonnie Benjamin, HOA Treasurer
Finance Chairperson
124 Pinnacle Point Drive

Adam Westgate, HOA Member-at-large,
Landscape Chairperson
112 Pinnacle Point Drive


REMINDER: In an effort to continue to control costs, the Board voted that effective January 1, 2017, there will be a $10 per year fee charged for homeowners who prefer to have newsletters mailed to them or do not provide a current email address.

Your email address will only be used for the newsletter and any time-sensitive HOA business, and never shared.

Please contact: or any Board member to give us your email.

Note: We know that some residents do not have a computer or access to email. They will receive a printed newsletter at no charge.

**Please do NOT reply to this newsletter email address, as it is not monitored on a regular basis.**

Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.
P O Box 4841
Lancaster, PA 17604-4841