January 2020 Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Storm damage
Dog Poop Problem
2020 Maintenance Fee
Fireplace safety
Snow Removal Policy
Annual Yard Sale
New lawn care company for 2020 (replacing Tomlinson-Bomberger)
Painting and staining schedule for 2020
People you should know in Hilltop (and Property Manager contact info)


Storm Damage:
The recent storm with high winds had resulted in siding and possibly shingles being blown off homes. The HOA is NOT responsible for storm damage of any sort, so it is strongly suggested that you check your home for damage and contact your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim.
There was also a lot of debris blown around the neighborhood. You may have trash or other items in your yard that isn’t yours, but PLEASE be a good neighbor – collect and put any trash you see out for the regular garbage pickup Wednesday morning. THANKS!


Dog Poop Problem:
Adam has received numerous complaints about someone who routinely doesn’t clean up after his/her dog(s). This is not only extremely inconsiderate to fellow residents of Hilltop but also a health hazard – not only to other residents, but also to other dogs.
We have tried signs to remind people to pick up after their dogs, but they are being ignored.

Neighborhood Poop Watch: Your Board would like to ask the cooperation of everyone in Hilltop to be on the lookout for anyone who does not clean up after their dog(s).
You don’t have to talk to them or confront them in any way.
We do ask that you please notify Adam, giving the date, time, place and name of the person (if known) who you actually saw not cleaning up. The more information you can give the better. Your name will be kept confidential.
Not cleaning up after a dog is a direct violation of East Hempfield Township regulations and will be reported as such


REMINDER: The Maintenance fees for 2020 are $144.10 per month.
If you forgot in January, and only paid $131, please add the difference of $13.10 to your February payment, for a total of $157.20. Then you will be up to date!



I know you see this reminder every year – but it bears repeating…
Please remember that the Fireplaces in our units are designed for occasional use only with compressed logs and are primarily decorative in nature.
They are NOT – and never were – intended to be used as a primary, or ongoing, heat source. To use the fireplace in such a way puts not only the homeowner, but also neighbors on either side, at risk of fire and/or smoke damage.

Don’t forget to test your smoke alarm!
AND get your chimney cleaned if you are going to use your fireplace!


Snow Season – FAQs
Emails will be sent to everyone for whom we have a valid email address with status updates on snow days. Contact Adam Westgate to have your email added or updated.

Snow Removal Policy
The Hilltop Board of Directors understands the removal of snow is a concern for all residents and is an important safety consideration for everyone. The Property Manager works with the current snow removal provider to expedite the process in a timely manner. Every snow event is different, however we have developed a set of guidelines which will be helpful for everyone to understand the process.

1. Snow removal authorization
a. Snow removal is authorized once the depth reaches 3” as determined by the Property Manager with input from the Board, as needed.
b. Snow removal will start when the snow ceases to fall
c. If the forecast is for a significant amount of accumulation of 12” or greater the snow removal process would begin before the snow ceases to fall
d. If the forecast is for a significant amount of accumulation, the provider will be engaged to remove snow based on clearing driveways, sidewalks and the necessary areas around mail boxes and fire hydrants as often as is necessary.
e. If the depth of the snow is below 3”, but there is heavy icing taking place, the Board may authorize the provider to use sale on driveways and sidewalks.

2. Priorities for removal of snow
a. Driveways will be plowed first
b. Fire hydrants will be cleared nest
c. Mailboxes will be cleared after that
d. Sidewalks will be cleared during the final cleanup and would include the walkway to the courtyard fence opening.

3. Communication of snow removal
a. The Board will send email updates regarding the snow removal process
b. If you have questions regarding the snow removal process, please contact the Property Manager – DO NOT ENGAGE THE SNOW REMOVAL PROVIDER

4. General information for residents
a. It is your option to park your vehicle in your driveway or at the curb
b. Driveways with vehicles parked in them will be cleared as well as possible given safety considerations
c. If you park your vehicle at the curb, it will be your responsibility to have the
snow around it cleared.
d. If the township, in the process of clearing the streets of snow, plows your driveway shut, and IF the snow removal provider is still in the area, they will be directed to remove the snow, however if they have left, it is the responsibility of each Resident to clear the snow from your driveway or from around your curb-parked car.

Finally, the Board of Directors understands the importance of snow removal and asks for your cooperation and understanding that every event is somewhat different and may present unique challenges. Weather forecasts can change, as can weather conditions even during the storm. Equipment can break or malfunction. People can be hurt or exhausted by the work required.
The Board wants to emphasize that we are residents, too, and are working to make the snow removal process as efficient as possible for all of us. We appreciate your support and your patience.


Annual Yard Sale –
It is never too early to think about Spring Cleaning.
The Annual Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday August 29th and is already posted on the Website. This event is heavily advertised and well attended. It is always the Saturday before Labor Day Weekend.


New Lawn Care Service
Speaking of Spring…
This year we have contracted with Natural Lawn Service (replacing TomlinsonBomberger) to take care of fertilizing our lawns and spraying for pests.
As the name implies, they use only natural products, so we don’t have to worry about children or pets coming into contact with harmful chemicals.
We also received better pricing from them and expect the lawns to fully come back to the condition we want and expect in our development, although it may take up to 2 years to fully see results.


Painting, Staining and Pressure Washing
Staining and Pressure Washing 5 Yr. Schedule
Homes are painted (garage doors and front doors) every 5 years, on a rotating schedule listed posted below and on the HOA website.
As with painting, decks and fences are pressure washed and stained every 5 years.
If your address is on the list for this year, please be aware that all repairs to fences, decking, stairs, etc. must be made BEFORE painting or staining can be done.
Repairs to these items are Owner responsibility, not the responsibility of the HOA.
If you have questions about any of this, please contact Adam Westgate, Property Manager (see the bottom of this newsletter for contact information).
The 2020 Painting Schedule is:

  • 112-122 Spring Ridge Court (112, 114, 116, 118, 120, 122)
  • 136-150 Treetops (136, 138, 140, 142, 144, 146, 148, 150)
  • 117-127 Winding Hill (117, 119, 121, 123, 125, 127)
  •  203-221 Winding Hill (203, 205, 207, 209, 211, 213, 215, 217, 219, 221)
  • 208-218 Winding Hill (208, 210, 212, 214, 216, 218)

Paint and stain colors – In case you want/need to do a touch up of your paint or stain, please contact Adam Westgate, our Property Manager, or take a sample to Sherwin Williams to have them match.
The color of paint/stain must match the current color of other units in your plex. Basement level ‘stucco’ walls are ‘painted’ with Drylock by United Gilsonite Labs which can be purchased at Lowe’s.



Trash cans/garbage:
We’ve mentioned this in many past newsletters but PLEASE making sure your put your trash cans or bags on the sidewalk and not on the grass (it can kill the grass).
Also, please make sure all trash/garbage is kept in your garage and not in your courtyard.
It is a health hazard to keep it out in the open.



Radon in Hilltop
We have had some homeowners test for radon and one home recently had to correct the problem before selling their property.
Please note: the HOA is NOT responsible for radon mitigation, should testing show that your property needs it. This is just a general announcement that the Board felt was in the interest of all residents.

Below is some information that we consider useful for all homeowners to read and review:
About Radon
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of elements in the soil and is then released into the air we breathe. Radon can become an issue when it seeps up into your home through holes and cracks in your foundation and is then trapped inside – which can cause levels to increase dangerously high.
Radon levels can vary significantly depending on your geographical location (View the Environmental Protection Agency’s map of radon zones). For areas that fall into Zone 1, it is recommended that new homes be built with radon-resistant features. Homes constructed with radon-resistant features prevent radon from leaking into the home and are better equipped to vent radon and other soil gasses out of the house.
If you live in a high-radon area, at the very least your home needs to be tested for radon levels – which is a simple and affordable test. If radon levels are high, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce radon levels by contacting a local qualified radon mitigation contractor.
Here is another site that answers questions about radon and what type of risk it poses (lung cancer, with a greater risk to smokers)


People to Know in Hilltop:
The Property Manager for the Association is Adam Westgate. Please get to know him and say “Hi” when you see him around Hilltop. If you have any questions or concerns about your property, please contact Adam.
He can be reached at 717-305-8332
or by email: managementhilltophoia@gmail.com

Our HOA accountant is Scott Sterner. He processes all monthly payments and pays the bills. If you have a question about your account, please contact him at 717-898- 0154.

The 2020 Board of Directors of the Hilltop Homeowners Association are as Follows:
Jeffrey G. Butch, President
John Cantwell, Vice President
Bonnie Benjamin, Treasurer
Janet Havner, Secretary
Joe Krawizcki, member-at-large


The next newsletter will be sent in April.
Until then, you will continue to receive emails with important notices and information of use to all residents of Hilltop – so PLEASE – OPEN ALL EMAILS FROM HILLTOP and make sure they don’t go into your spam folder.
We don’t want you to miss something important!

Read here the entire newsletter

General Information

Board of Directors for Hilltop for 2021:

Jeffrey Butch – President and Architectural Chair

Carole Campbell – Vice-President and Landscaping Chair

Skip Walters- Secretary and Compliance Chair

Keith Miller- Treasurer and Finance Chair

Lauren Dufault- Hospitality, Website, and Newsletter

Adam Westgate- Management Firm

Scott Sterner- Accountant

*The monthly fee for 2021 is $158.50/mo. *

Payments can be made electronically, by mail or just drop your check in our special HOA box on Winding Hill Dr. at Nolt (next to regular PO boxes). Please put your name or street address on your check.

*Monthly maintenance fees are anticipated to increase 10% per year, as permitted by our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions  As has been communicated at the Annual Homeowners Meeting and other owner meetings as well as by email and personally delivered documents,  as a 35+  year old community, Hilltop does not currently have sufficient monies set aside to repair or replace due to ‘normal wear and tear’, all the items detailed in our governing documents, now and in the future (Ex. “External surfaces” such as: roofs, siding, gutters, chimney surfaces, etc.).

2021 Annual Yard Sale
The 2021 Hilltop Yard Sale will be on Saturday, August 21st from 7am-12pm. The Hilltop Annual Yard Sale is heavily advertised and well attended. We look forward to seeing you in August!

Mailing Address

Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 4841, Lancaster, PA 17604-4841

You can also drop off any communication for Adam or the Board at the HOA Box on Winding Hill Dr. just off Nolt Rd.

Contact: Adam Westgate, Property Manager