Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 4841
Lancaster, PA 17604-4841
Board of Directors 2015

Keith C Miller 471-1388
100 Treetops Drive
2-year term through 2016
Chairperson of Finance

Joseph Samek 898-6327
105 Winding Hill Drive
1-year term through 2015
Chairperson of Architecture

Pamela Wise 682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
1-year term through 2015
Chairperson of Compliance

Bonnie Benjamin 898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive
2 year term through 2016
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality
and Webmaster

Eugene Mummau 598-3040
112 Treetops Drive
2-year term through 2016
Chairperson of Exterior Maintenance

June 2015 Newsletter


This spring we have seen a lot of homeowner activity going on in Hilltop. Our development has become a showcase of owners’ abilities with flowers abounding. It is a pleasure to be able to walk on sidewalks that keep us safe from traffic, as we view the many homes that have been spruced up in their finery for the showy seasons of spring and summer. Share your courtyard improvements by sending a photo to (webmaster@hilltophoa.com), Bonnie Benjamin, that can be used on our website. Your courtyard can inspire someone else who has been trying to come up with an idea for their property.

This is a good time to PRESSURE WASH any mold or mildew that has appeared on your patio or siding. For pressure washing, call: Atkins Deck Cleaning which has been doing all our decks and fences at 656-8928. OR Steve Snyder, (former partner in ZJ’s), who offers interior remodeling in addition to pressure washing. He can be reached at 278-4584.


Both Steve Snyder and ZJ’s are available for your PERSONAL LANDSCAPE NEEDS (plant shrubs, clear weeds, do a cement patio, etc.).


Summer is a great time to schedule your CHIMNEY CLEANING in order to avoid the fall rush. Be safe this winter – have a clean chimney!



Hilltop will hold its annual Neighborhood Yard/Garage Sale on Saturday, August 29, beginning at 7 AM.

So, now is the time to set aside some time to sort through all those things you have been meaning to get rid of. Your Media/Hospitality team will place advertising signs around our area as well as ads in the Merchandiser, on Nextdoor.com. and on Craig’s List.


There are some areas of Hilltop where parking can be in short supply, particularly if some residents have 3 cars and/or do not use their garages.

We ask that you please be considerate of your neighbors and, if at all possible, park at least one of your cars in your garage or driveway, leaving more room for curb parking.


Hilltop does not have any playgrounds close by, nor are there any “common areas” for children to play. Permission from another homeowner would be required before neighboring children could play on someone else’s property. This leaves limited options for play areas.

Your Board would like to remind you that letting your children play in the street, even on a lightly traveled one, can be hazardous.


The Hospitality/Media committee has been working to transition to an e-mail newsletter in addition to a print version. As part of this ongoing process, we have set up a special email address HilltopNewsletters@gmail.com. This is what you will see in your Inbox, if you requested it by email.

For June, we are sending everyone a print newsletter and, for those of you for whom we have an email address, we are ALSO sending an email copy. Ideally, we would like to transition as many people as possible to only the email newsletter, saving on postage and paper.

To accomplish this, we need to ask the help of everyone receiving this newsletter. Please let us know your newsletter preference:

A. Print only (B&W)
B. Email only (color, with live links)
C. Both print and email

For B or C, please give your preferred email address, if you are not already receiving it by email.

Email your preference to:
HilltopNewsletters@gmail.com (note, newsletterS is plural)

If you want a printed newsletter only, you do not have to do anything. Questions? Or you don’t have email? Call Bonnie Benjamin at 898-9113.

T ha n k  Y o u!


Please remember that there are no common areas in Hilltop. Please be respectful of your neighbors – curb and clean up after your dog.


If you are replacing your windows, please consider saving the old screens (cleaned, please) to donate to a neighbor who may be missing one.

The Board has volunteered to collect and store the screens so a neighbor will have a place to ‘go shopping’ if they need one.

To donate contact:
Joe Samek at Jsamek1@Verizon.net or 898-6327 Or Pam Wise at Compliance@hilltopHOA.com or 682-0687.


Do you have the original “Acorn” windows? As you may know, Acorn has been out of business for a number of years. So, if you need a new screen, either because you never got one when you bought your house or because the frame was damaged, you quickly found out that getting a replacement was difficult and expensive.

We have found a company that does nothing BUT make replacement screens. It can all be done online. The best part? A kitchen window-sized screen is only about $30. Quantity discounts available.

AND if you can combine your order with some of your neighbors for 25+ screens, you get wholesale pricing – $14.99 per kitchen-sized screen, which is less than rescreening.

Check them out at


Do you just need re-screening? TrueValue Hardware, 14 Beaver Valley Pike, Willow Street offers it very inexpensively, $17.99 for a kitchen window-sized screen. Call 464-2999.

Note: Association rules state that all window screens must be kept in good repair.


Last year one of our Board members got a new garage door through Costco and asked the salesman if it was possible to get a discount for all Association members. Yes! Any Association member can now get a 15% discount off the regular price. He assures us that this price will meet or beat Costco’s price – but without having Costco membership. In fact, this price is ONLY good if you call Glenn and tell him you want the Hilltop Homeowners’ discount.

Here are prices for the Stratford 2000 series (matches our existing door style), with standard insulation, including *installation of door, new tracks, springs and all hardware plus removal of all old equipment.

  • A single, 9’ X 7’ door is $650, installed*
  • A double 16’ x 7’ door is $1000, installed *
  • A 1/2 HP LiftMaster 8355, belt-driven (quieter) door opener is $380, installed.

For more information, including other options available and a free estimate based on your specific needs, contact: Glenn Coates at The Jaydor Company, 717-224-3026.

Note: You may need to repaint the door as some of our colors are not standard colors from this manufacturer. The HOA painting contractor is Tom Livingston at 371-3463, or you may use a painter of your choice.

Reminder: Any changes to the outside of your home must have prior approval from the Architecture committee and a new door must match your neighbors. Email your request to: Joe Samek at Jsamek1@Verizon.net 


Redoing your kitchen? Call PPL to come pick up your old, working refrigerator and they will send you a check for $35.

Google PPL, appliance rebate.



The light in front of 107/109 Winding Hill Drive was accidentally knocked down during mowing. PPL was immediately contacted and within 2 hours responded and removed the street light and will be replacing it shortly.

Another light is down at 112/114 Treetops. PPL has been contacted and will repair/replace as needed. Gene Mummau, head of the Landscape committee, has also contacted PPL requesting a safety inspection of ALL streetlights in Hilltop, sothat we do not run the risk of another light falling and possibly hitting a car or a person.


    For those of you who are original residents of Hilltop, and those of you who simply love living here, the Board announces with deep regret the passing of Douglas Woolley from cancer on
    June 10th. Doug was the builder of Hilltop, which was begun 30 years ago. We have him to thank for the sturdy construction and beautiful neighborhood we all now enjoy.


    It is going to be another BAD tick season in PA.

    For the past 5 years PA has reported the most cases of Lyme disease in the nation.

    Learn more at the link below (also on our website) and see how you can protect yourself, your children and your animals.



    For those of you who want to get rid of weeds, but not harm beneficial insects like butterflies, honey bees and ladybugs, here is an easy and inexpensive recipe as an alternative to RoundUp-type chemical sprays.

    1 gallon distilled white vinegar
    1 cup table salt
    2 tablespoons dish liquid (Dawn, Palmolive, etc. as a surfactant)

    Mix all ingredients together and put in a narrowstream sprayer. Spray at base of weed stems being sure not to spray any “good” plants. Reapply if it rains within 5 days of spraying. It may take 2-3 days to see results.


    For those of you plagued by mosquitos, Amazon (and quite possibly local sources) offers “Mosquito Barrier 2001 Liquid Spray Repellant”.

    • A natural product
    • Repels pests, including ticks
    • One application lasts 3-4 weeks
    • Won’t harm pets or children
    • No harmful fumes or chemicals



    It may seem early to think about this, but election will be upon us before we know it. Two of our current Board members’ terms are expiring at the end of 2015.

    As most of you know, Hilltop is one of the very few HOAs that is self-governing. There is no management company, which keeps our monthly maintenance fees low. All Board members are volunteers who have full-time jobs.

    Each Board member is also the head of a committee. These committees are what keep Hilltop humming along as a clean, well-maintained community. Committees also research community needs and providing useful information to all Hilltop residents.

    If you like living in Hilltop, and want to see our self-governance and its benefits continue, please consider participating in any of the following ways:


    Join the Board – If you are a homeowner, please submit your bio to HOA President, Keith Miller to be considered for a Board position in the upcoming election. Bios will be published in the September newsletter and on the website (HilltopHOA.com)

    Board member commitment, depending on the committee chaired, and how many members it has, involves about 1-3 hours per week handling HOA business and running your committee.

    Committee member – you do NOT have to be an owner. Tenants are invited to participate. As a committee member, your commitment will probably average less than 2-4 hours per month.

      Hilltop Helpers – this is a new position the Board is announcing. We have many residents who don’t want to make a permanent commitment, but still want to contribute to the neighborhood and maybe get to know their neighbors a little better.

      Do you have 1-4 hours per YEAR to help a committee with a special project or two? There are a lot of little things that could really help the Board and don’t require an ongoing time commitment.

      Can you make phone calls? Hilltop needs you!
      Know how to organize things? Hilltop needs you!
      Like talking to your neighbors? Hilltop needs you!
      Finding solutions to problems? Hilltop needs you!
      Are you retired? Hilltop needs you!

      Your participation will help keep our fees down and keep us free from management company bureaucracy.

      Contact HOA President Keith Miller today to learn more about how you can contribute to this great community we all take pride in and enjoy. President@HilltopHOA.com or call 471-1388.


      This newsletter is meant to inform the
      residents of Hilltop with news from your
      Board, useful information and things going
      on in your neighborhood. It is printed four
      times a year in March, June, September andDecember. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact:

      Bonnie Benjamin at
      Keith Miller at President@hilltophoa.com



      Please note that for Hilltop, you are requested to not put your
      trash/recycling out before 5 PM the night before pickup and to bring in your empty containers no later than 5 PM the next day, after pickup.

      Also, please DO NOT put your trash on the grass. Leakage can kill the grass.

      Trash or recycling that is not picked up due to nonpayment of fees, may NOT be left at the curb and will be subject to a fine.

      (the following is copied directly from the East Hempfield Township website)

      The Township currently contracts trash and recycling services with Lebanon Farms Disposal. Residents benefit from the Township utilizing a one hauler system for residential waste collections and recycling.

      The number of trash containers allowed for each residence is three (3) 32-gallon (or smaller) trash bags or cans per week. Bags/cans may not weigh more than 30 pounds.

      If a holiday falls during the week, normal trash day will be delayed by one day, for that week.


      You may put out more than three 32-gallon trash bags or cans. However, each trash container over three must be tagged with a $1 yellow service tag. Tags may be purchased at the Township office or by mail.


        Residents are required to recycle the following items as part of the recycling program.

        Aluminum, Steel, and Bimetal cans
        Including all metal food, beverage & aerosol cans.

        Glass-Clear, Amber, and Green Glass
        All glass food, beverage bottles, and jars are recyclable.

        Plastics Number 1 through 7
        Look on the bottom of the plastic bottle for the triangle with the number in it.

        Newspapers, Magazines, and Junk Mail
        Tie in a bundle or place in a paper bag.


        Recyclable materials will be picked up each week on the same day trash is collected. Recycling and trash are both picked up with trash trucks. Typically the trash truck arrives first followed by the recycling truck later in the day.

        • In order to expedite collections residents are encouraged to only put out full recycling bins. Picking up only full recycle bins will require the trucks to make fewer stops and collection will be faster.
        • We encourage the use of “recycle” bins.
          NOTE: Bins can be purchased at the East Hempfield Township office, 1700 Nissley Rd, Landisville, PA 17538, Phone: (717) 898-3100
          Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8AM – 4:30PM
          New residents receive 1 free bin. Anyone can purchase additional bins at $2.00 each
        • Recyclable materials in plastic bags will not be collected.
        • This is a commingled program therefore cans, glass, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard do not have to be separated by color or type.

        A Recycling Dumpster has been placed behind the Township Building for your added convenience.

        This may be used by any resident who has an abundance of cardboard.
        You can obtain additional information at http://lebanonfarmsdisposal.com  or The Lancaster
        County Solid Waste webpage.


        The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act requires that consumers and businesses must recycle electronics such as computers, computer monitors, laptops, television, tablets, and computer peripherals (printers, keyboards, mouse devices, etc.) as of January 23, 2013. Consumers and businesses will no longer be able to throw away their covered electronic devices with their curbside trash. Township residents can drop off their electronics at the Harrisburg Pike Transfer Station (www.lcswma.org, 717-397-9968) at no cost.

        YARD WASTE

        March 31st thru October 31st, East Hempfield Township will implement the yard waste-recycling program. Leaves, grass clippings, garden residue as well as woody yard waste (WYW) will be collected curb side on the same day as your scheduled trash/recycling pick-up day.

        Nov. 1st through March the yard waste program is not active. Any accumulated WYW or yard waste can be disposed of through your regular trash collection and will count as part of your bag/can limit of 3.


        Soft yard waste (grass, leaves, garden residue, small pieces of branches, or limbs) must be disposed of in RECYCLABLE bags. These bags are available at the Township office for $0.50 each or you may purchase RECYCLABLE bags from your local store. Unlimited amount of bags per week may be placed at curbside. (Bags are not to exceed 30 lbs.)

          The hauler will not take bags or cans that have yard waste mixed in with trash. There is a separate recycling truck for yard waste bags and woody yard waste and it may come before or after the regular trash truck. No sod is permitted.


          Bush clippings, tree clippings, and tree limbs (less than 6” diameter) must be bundled and tied into manageable units. Please use a biodegradable twine – almost all twine is biodegradable and can be purchased most anywhere. Manageable units are less than four (4) feet in length and no more than thirty (30 lbs.) in weight. Untied bush clippings, tree clippings, and limbs dropped at the curbside will not be collected.

          Bundles will not be picked up if loose or plastic twine, tape, wire, or other materials are used to tie branches.


          These tagged items will be picked up twice a year during special collection days in April and November. Tagged items should be left curbside on your regular trash day during the designated week.

          You will be notified about the collection week on your trash bill, in the Township Newsletter or on our website. Bulk Goods (large appliances or anything containing Freon) require a $10 green tag.

          Next Bulk Goods Pick Up is Wed. Nov 4, 2015.

          Tires require a $2 purple tag. Rims need to be removed from the tires. The hauler will not take commercial vehicle tires.

          Examples of Bulk Goods:

          •  WASHERS HOT TUBS