Board of Directors 2016

Keith Miller 471-1388
100 Treetops Drive
2-year Term through 12/31/ 2016
President & interim Chair of Landscape

Linda DePatto 940-6888
33 Spring Walk Court
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Compliance

Rebecca Mullaney 898-9693
218 Winding Hill Drive
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Architecture

Bonnie Benjamin 898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive
2-year Term through 2016
Treasurer and Chairperson of Finance
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor


Scott Sterner 898-0154
110 Winding Hill Drive
Accountant for the HOA, not a Board member.

Pam Wise 682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
Hilltop Helpers coordinator, not a Board member.

HOA website:

March 2016 Newsletter


Hilltop will hold its annual Neighborhood Yard/Garage Sale on – Saturday, August 27, beginning at 7 AM.

So, set aside some time to sort through all those things you have been meaning to get rid of. Your Media/Hospitality team will place advertising signs around our area as well as ads in the Merchandiser, on and on Craig’s List.


As you can see from our list of Board members at the left, Linda DePatto is now our Vice-President and Chairperson of Compliance, while Becky Mullaney is our Secretary and Chairperson of Architecture.

In addition, Bonnie Benjamin was elected Treasurer. She remains Chair of Media/Hospitality with responsibility for the website and newsletter.

All other Board members remain in their same capacity as last year.


The Hilltop HOA has 5 Committees: Architecture, Compliance, Landscape, Finance and Hospitality/ Media. In this and subsequent newsletters, you can read a short description of each committee. These are the descriptions that were printed in the handout at the Annual Meeting, but if you did not attend, or did not get one, we want to be sure everyone in Hilltop knows who does what, so if you have questions, you know who to contact.

See the names, email address and phone for each committee chair on the newsletter front page.

Some of the things that attract new residents to Hilltop and help us all maintain our homes’ value are

  • how well maintained the exteriors of our homes are,
  • how beautiful and well maintained our landscaping is
  • how neat and clean our neighborhood is.

Our committees are the reason…

Architecture Committee

It is the responsibility of the Architecture Committee to protect the value of ALL homeowners’ property by insuring that all homes meet the guidelines set forth in the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that govern all homes in Hilltop. Everyone who buys a home in Hilltop (whether owner occupied or a rental) is contractually bound to abide by these Declarations (as well as the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations) when they purchase a property here.

Members of the committee are responsible for reviewing for approval any homeowner requests for exteriorchanges. They also take care of all maintenance items that are covered under the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. In addition, they negotiate all maintenance contracts for painting, staining and pressure washing, subject to Board approval.

The majority of homeowners appreciate knowing that the Board is actively protecting home values for all of us by enforcing all rules equally among the homeowner association members.

Compliance Committee

It is the responsibility of the Compliance Committee to protect the value of ALL homeowners’ property by insuring that all homes meet the guidelines set forth in the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that govern all homes in Hilltop. Everyone who buys a home in Hilltop (whether owner occupied or a rental) is contractually bound to abide by these Declarations, as well as the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

Members of the committee, often while walking their dogs or out for exercise, try to keep an eye out for problem areas or areas which may become problems. They contact the homeowner with their concerns and in order to improve/correct the non-compliance issue. Should that fail or the homeowner not be willing to maintain the standards of the community, the committee is empowered to take further action with fines, and, if those are unsuccessful, a lien on the property. The Board also has the power to authorize the committee to make repairs to a property, and charge the cost of those repairs to the homeowner.

The majority of homeowners appreciate knowing that the Board is actively protecting home values for all of us by enforcing all rules equally among the homeowner association members.

In the next (June) newsletter, we will introduce you to the Landscape, Finance and Hospitality/Media committees.

Although not a formal committee, Hilltop Helpers are a new addition to the Hilltop community.

We have many residents who don’t want to make a permanent commitment, but still want to contribute to the neighborhood and maybe get to know their neighbors a little better.

Do you have 1-4 hours per YEAR to help a neighbor? We all need an occasional helping hand. Do you, or one of your neighbors, need some help with weeding, shoveling snow in the courtyard, removing leaves from the courtyard, moving a box or chair, etc.?

Do you have an hour or two to help a committee with a special project, like the yard sale? There are a lot of

little things that could really help and don’t require an ongoing time commitment.

Pam Wise has volunteered to coordinate this group. If you signed up at the annual meeting, or are interested in helping, please contact Pam at or call her at 682-0687.


By Becky Mullaney
(Architecture Chairperson)

OK, so you want to get some improvements done to your townhouse. You know what you want to update, but don’t know where to start. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Remember, if you are planning changes to the outside of your townhouse you must FIRST get approval from the Hilltop HOA Architectural Committee (see front page of newsletter). If you’re making interior changes your probably OK to proceed with your project as long as it doesn’t affect any of your neighbor’s properties and meets all Building Codes.

After you have picked your project – a kitchen update, for example – ask yourself:

  • How much do I want to spend?
  • What can I accomplish for this amount of money?
  • Is there any work I can (or want to) do myself (painting?) to save some money?
  • Do I want to hire a general contractor to handle the entire project for me (flooring, cabinets, lighting, etc.) or do I want to hire different people to address each of these items separately?
  • Depending on your budget, you might want to just upgrade your cabinets and wait until a later date to do the electrical, lighting and flooring upgrades.

Say you decide to just upgrade your cabinets, do you want your contractor to supply and install the cabinets, or do you want to purchase the cabinets yourself and just have the contractor install them? Many places that sell cabinets, flooring and such also offer installation, so that is another option. Many things for you to think about.

Regardless of how you decide to accomplish your project, you should first determine what you want done. For example: kitchen cabinets. What type of wood? Paint or stain? Type of hardware? Soft close drawers? Adjustable cabinet shelves?

Once you have all your ideas, get estimates from at least 2 contactors – 3 is better. They may have suggestions, too. This way you’ll be able to determine that the quotes you are getting are fair.

Your best source for finding a contractor is your neighbors, family and friends who have had similar work done. [Ed. Don’t forget it’s a great resource!] They can tell you about the contractor’s work ethic and any problems they might have encountered during their project.

Hope these tips help! – Becky


As announced previously, beginning with this issue, hard copy newsletters will only be mailed to those residents and owners who have not given us an email address. If you wish to provide an email address for your newsletter, please contact:

In an effort to continue to cut mailing costs, the Board has voted that effective January 1, 2017, there will be a $10 per year fee charged for owners who prefer to have newsletters mailed to them.

Since the Board wants to be sure that tenants are also kept up to date on what is happening in Hilltop, newsletters will also be mailed to them. The owner will be charged $10 per year for mailing newsletters to the tenant of their property.


After this year’s “Snowmageddon”, your Board did a comprehensive review of how snow removal was handled, taking into consideration the many comments by residents about what went well, as well as how things could be improved upon and better communicated in the future – although I am sure none of us wants a repeat of that record – breaking blizzard!

The revised policy will be posted on our website It would take up too much room (and add to postal costs) to print it in this newsletter.

For those who do not have computer access, please contact Keith Miller at 471-1388 to request a printed copy.


    for 12-31-14 and 12-31-15 are posted on our website under the “Legal” tab. 

    If you do not get the email version of this newsletter, you will have to type in the link above in your browser or just go to and click on the Legal tab.

    If you have any questions, please contact Scott Sterner at 898-0154 or 


    ZJ’s Estate Maintenance has been handling our Landscaping and snow plowing needs for 2 ½ years. Their contract expires in November. The Board, as required for contracts of this size, is required to solicit bids from other landscape maintenance companies. This does NOT mean we are replacing ZJ’s. It simply means that they must compete for our business against other companies who provide similar services to ensure that Hilltop is getting a fair price for services rendered.

    If you have any experience with purchasing, getting bids, or similar expertise, the Board would really appreciate your help with this process so that we can all be assured of continuing good landscape maintenance and snow removal service at a fair price.


    This newsletter is meant to inform the residents of Hilltop with news from your Board, useful information and things going
    on in your neighborhood. It is published four times a year in March, June, September and December.
    Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact:

    Bonnie Benjamin at 
    Keith Miller, President at