Board of Directors 2017

Keith Miller 717-471-1388
100 Treetops Drive
2-year Term through 2018
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality

Linda DePatto 717-940-6888
33 Spring Walk Court 
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Compliance

Rebecca Mullaney 717-898-9693
218 Winding Hill Drive 
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Architecture

Bonnie Benjamin 717-898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive 
2 year Term through 2018
Treasurer and Chairperson of Finance

Adam Westgate 407-770-8894
112 Pinnacle Point Drive
2-year Term through 2018
Chairperson of Landscape


Scott Sterner 717-898-0154
110 Winding Hill Drive
Accountant for the HOA , not a Board member 

Pam Wise 717-682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
Hilltop Helpers coordinator, not a Board member 

October 2017 Newsletter

Please read below for changes to the Hilltop HOA Board of Directors.

Keith Miller named as President
Jessica Reese has been serving as President of the Hilltop HOA board of directors since January 2017. In October, she sold her home on Winding Hill and moved into the Veranda neighborhood. Because of this, her position on the board opened up. We are excited to announce that Keith Miller quickly stepped up and volunteered to step in as the President, finishing her 2-year term.

Becky Mullaney named as Secretary
Due to personal reasons, Rebecca Mullaney had to take some time away from the board, which left an open position for a few months. We are excited to announce that she has stepped up again to re-join the board as Secretary and chairperson on the Architecture committee.

2017 Annual

The 2017 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting
will be held per the details below:

Date: Tuesday December 5th, 2017
Time: 7pm
Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, 1135 Sunwood Ln, Lancaster, PA 17601

We will have light snacks and drinks


We will be discussing important topics that affect the future of our neighborhood. It is very important that you attend the meeting to understand the opportunities to improve and challenges we are faced with. This a great forum to bring up your concerns, suggestions for improvement and provide positive feedback for jobs well done. Remember that we are all volunteers and our goal is to maintain a beautiful neighborhood and continue to increase the value of our homes and overall community and ensure Hilltop continues to be a highly desirable neighborhood!


You have also received a Proxy form, in preparation for the Annual meeting. If you will not be able to attend, it is important to submit a proxy to enable another homeowner to vote on your behalf. Please be sure to submit this form, completely filled out, by the date noted, Monday November 20th, 2017.

As we are getting ready to kick off a new year, we are looking for more neighbors to become more involved! Time commitment can be what you make of it, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!
All Committees have openings for volunteers. There will be signup sheets at the Annual Meeting and if you are unable to attend please contact the Chairperson of the Committee(s) you are interested in joining or want more information.


Finance Committee, Bonnie Benjamin Chair Ensure maintenance fees are collected on time and ensure bills are paid and all transactions are recorded. Ensure an outside, annual review, as well as develop yearly budgets and regular reviews with the BOD. 

Landscape Committee, Adam Westgate Chair

Manages all neighborhood landscape decisions. Manages contract for lawn
maintenance, snow and ice removal, as well as all questions/issues pertaining to the landscape throughout the neighborhood.

Media & Hospitality, Keith Miller Chair

Media: Coordinates and facilitates communication between the Board and residents. Developed and maintains the Hilltop HOA website, quarterly newsletter and all digital communication for our neighborhood.

Hospitality: Manages and coordinates all social activities in the neighborhood; currently, this includes an annual yard sale, and new activities to encourage camaraderie and unity throughout Hilltop.

Compliance Committee, Linda DePatto Chair

Manages all issues pertaining to the compliance of the CCRs. Addresses questions and issues with homeowners regarding noncompliance issues, and provides recommendations and/or direction on how to correct the issues.

Architecture Committee, Becky Mullaney Chair

The Architecture Committee reviews all requests for changes,  additions, updates and improvements to the outside of your property excluding landscaping, which is approved by the Landscaping Committee.
If you plan to make ANY changes to the exterior of your home, you need to first contact Becky for approval. This process ensures consistency and integrity throughout our community. Please contact Becky Mullaney at if you have any questions regarding those items.


This quarterly newsletter is meant to inform the residents of Hilltop with news from your Board, useful information and things going on in your neighborhood. It is published in March, June, September and December.

Your comments and suggestions are always

Feel free to contact:

Are you a new resident of Hilltop and confused by the rules in the “Declarations” (you DID get a copy at closing right)? Have you lived here for a while and are still confused about the rules as stated in the Declarations because they are confusing, sometimes unclear and, occasionally, totally wrong?

All CCRs, Rules and Regulations and General Guidelines can be found on the Hilltop HOA website under the “Legal Documents” tab. Please visit for more information


As announced previously, hard copy newsletters will only be mailed to those residents and owners who have not given us an email address. Please consider providing the HOA with an email address so we can send your newsletter. Your address will only be used for the newsletter, and never shared. Please contact:

In an effort to continue to cut mailing costs, the Board has voted that effective January 1, 2017, there will be a $10 per year fee charged for owners who prefer to have newsletters mailed to them.

Since the Board wants to be sure that tenants are also kept up to date on what is happening in Hilltop, newsletters will also be mailed to them. The home owner will be charged $10 per year for mailing newsletters to the tenant of their property, unless an email address has been provided.

**Please notify us if you do not have access to internet
or email