Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 4841
Lancaster, PA 17604-4841
Board of Directors 2015

Keith C Miller 471-1388
100 Treetops Drive
2-year term through 2016
Chairperson of Finance

Joseph Samek 898-6327
105 Winding Hill Drive
1-year term through 2015
Chairperson of Architecture

Pamela Wise 682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
1-year term through 2015
Chairperson of Compliance

Bonnie Benjamin 898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive
2 year term through 2016
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality
and Webmaster

Eugene Mummau 598-3040
112 Treetops Drive
2-year term through 2016
Chairperson of Exterior Maintenance

September 2015 Newsletter

(a bit early, to remind to everyone of the Garage Sale!)

Homeowners’ Meeting
and Elections
Monday November 16th at 7 PM.

Four Seasons Golf Club, 949 Church St.
Refreshments will be served.

Your vote is important, since several major items will be voted on. The Board will also be discussing – and looking for your input on – upcoming initiatives to ensure Hilltop remains a desirable place to live. Come meet your neighbors!

A special pre-election mailing will be sent out before the Annual Meeting with more details on the election and what issues will be voted on.

Reminder –
Hilltop Garage /
Yard Sale
Saturday, August 29,
beginning at 7 AM.

Your Media / Hospitality team will place advertising signs around our area as well as ads in the Merchandiser, on Nextdoor.com. and on Craig’s List.

Note to Residents of Spring Walk

Because your street is not connected to any of the others within Hilltop, and we don’t want to annoy you with unwanted buyers if there is no one participating in the Sale – we will only put up a sign if someone on the street is participating. Please contact Bonnie at 898-9113 if you WILL be participating in the Yard Sale.

Warning – past experience has taught us that there WILL be early birds showing up as early as 6 AM (or before!).



As most of you know, Hilltop is one of the very few HOAs that is self-governing. There is no management company, which keeps our monthly maintenance fees low. All Board members are volunteers who have full-time jobs.

Each Board member is also the head of a committee, and these committees are what keep Hilltop functioning as a clean, well-maintained community.


Join the Board – If you are a homeowner, please submit your bio to Keith Miller (President) to be considered for a Board position in the upcoming election.

Board members’ commitment, depending on which committees they chair, and how many committee members they have, spend about 1-3 hours per week handling HOA business.

Committee member – you do NOT have to be an owner. Tenants are invited to participate. As a committee member, your commitment will probably average less than 2-4 hours per month.

Hilltop Helpers – don’t want to make a permanent commitment, but still want to contribute to the neighborhood and maybe get to know your neighbors a little better?

Do you have 1-4 hours per YEAR to help a committee with a special project or two? There are a lot of little things that could really help the Board and don’t require an ongoing time commitment.

Your participation will help keep our fees down and keep us free from management company bureaucracy.

Contact Keith Miller (President) today to find out more about how you can contribute to this great community we live in.

the Hempfield School
District on

Wed. August 26th

Please be observant of children waiting for buses!


The Winding Hill light is fixed, but not the one on Treetops. PPL does not provide updates to customers so far as we can tell. There has been no response to date from PPL to Gene’s letter asking for a review of the condition of all lights.

Control Weeds

Hilltop is a beautiful and, for the most part, well-maintained community – thanks to the many residents who are conscientious about maintaining the property around their homes. However, the Compliance Committee recently brought to the Board’s attention an unusually large number of residents who have tall weeds and/or overgrown areas on their properties.

This is a reminder to everyone that ZJ’s Landscape does ONLY a spring cleanup of the beds. They are not responsible for keeping beds outside – or inside – your courtyard or other areas around your home, free from weeds. That is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and/or tenant. Failure to keep weeds under control will result in a warning letter and can result in fines if not corrected in a timely manner. The Board – and your neighbors – appreciate your cooperation in keeping Hilltop an attractive place to live.


When Hilltop was being built, beautiful, ornamental pear trees were planted in front of most of the homes. After 25-30 years, these trees have grown very large, both above and below the ground.

The root systems of trees mirror their canopies and one resident, at least, has found her sewer line clogged with roots that were seeking water, causing her sewer to overflow through the clean-out pipe.

While a plumber with a commercial auger blade can scrape the roots off the walls of the pipe (at considerable cost), it does not solve the problem because the roots will continue to grow back, always seeking the water.

The roots enter the sewer where the house line joins the main sewer line – going from 4” to 6” in diameter – and this line is 10’ underground. That join can develop hairline cracks where roots, thin as hairs, get in and grow larger, expanding the crack.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to have the pear tree professionally removed and replaced with something smaller whose root system will not clog the sewer line in years to come. The Hilltop Board is now reviewing the best type of tree to use, based on input from tree experts.

If your sewer line is getting clogged on a regular basis, or is slow-running, and you suspect tree roots, you can call LASA (Lancaster Area Sewer Authority) at 717-898-8231. They have a camera they can put down the sewer line through the cleanout pipe in the flower bed around the pear tree and tell you if roots are your problem. If you DO have a clog, there may be no charge. However, they will not come out and inspect every resident’s sewer line for free – so ask first and be sure you really DO have a problem with your line. Be aware, LASA is NOT responsible for any problems with the sewer line on your property.

Trees grow at different rates and roots may never get into your sewer line, but your Board wants all Hilltop homeowners to know that this is a potential issue they may be facing. As the Board gets more information on this, it will be printed in the newsletter and posted on the HOA website.


Please do NOT put your weekly trash and recycling on any of the grassy areas next to your driveway.

This is killing the grass.

As soon as these areas are consistently trash-free, ZJ’s will reseed where trash leakage has killed the grass. Failure to do this may result in a fine.


You may have noticed the 4 “No Solicitation” signs at the entrances to Hilltop streets. If someone shows up at your door selling something, you can point out the signs and tell them there is no soliciting allowed in Hilltop.


If you plan to use your fireplace this winter, be sure to get your chimney cleaned.

Be proactive and be SAFE!

offered by Rohrerstown Fire Dept.

Safety Quiz – Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home in case of emergency? Do you know where it is? Does everyone in the family know how to properly use it?

Our local Fire Dept. offers this ½ hour course on use of a fire extinguisher, safe evacuation and other information that can save your life or the lives of your family. It’s FREE, but we need at least 8 people to participate. If you are interested, contact Bonnie Benjamin at 898-9113 or email her at webmaster@HilltopHOA.com

Ideas You Can Use –

* Did you know that a 1/8” gap under a 36” wide door lets in as much air as a 2 ½” wide hole? To check for a tight seal on your threshold, put a dollar bill (to remind yourself how much money this will save!) under the door. If it pulls out easily when the door is closed, adjust your threshold height using the screws that are usually part of it. If the threshold is worn or rusty, it’s time to replace it.

* Did you do some major remodeling this year? Be sure to update your homeowners’ insurance!

* How old is your water heater? If it is over 10 years old, you probably need to replace it. We have very hard water in Hilltop and it can ruin hot water heaters very quickly.

* Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home in case of emergency? Do you know where it is? Does everyone in the family know how to properly use it? (See article on Fire Safety Course above)


This site is like a Facebook page for neighborhoods, (but a LOT more secure). If you sign up, you can choose to either see (and be seen by) just your Hilltop neighbors who are also members, OR you can select “surrounding neighborhoods” and also see what those neighbors are posting. These posts
include things for sale, provide and request recommendations, list services offered and community events, find lost pets, report suspicious vehicles, find neighbors with common interests, and more. Your Board authorized it to be set up for Hilltop residents to promote communication between neighbors on an informal basis. It is
complementary to the Hilltop HOA website, which is more for hosting information for residents, rather than chatting among members.

About the security of Nextdoor.com: the only way one can join is to be invited by an existing Hilltop member of Nextdoor.com. That is the first step to being sure that people who join truly are living in our neighborhood. Then the request is sent to the administrator (who, at this point, is the webmaster) and verified as a resident of Hilltop. This ensures

    that ONLY Hilltop residents are included in the Hilltop group. Since this is the same process for all neighborhoods in Nextdoor.com, you can feel safe that anyone you communicate with on that site IS a neighbor! We live in a safe neighborhood and want to keep it that way.


    If you are having a problem with leaks around your skylights or chimney and they were NOT repaired/replaced when the HOA organized replacement/repairs several years ago, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to handle repairs. If you are having problems and they WERE repaired/replaced several years ago, please contact the Architecture Committee at Architecture@HilltopHOA.com

    Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.
    P O Box 4841
    Lancaster, PA 17604-4841
    Website: www.hilltophoa.com 


    This newsletter is meant to inform the residents of Hilltop of things going on in our neighborhood. It is printed four times a year in March, June, September and December. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact:

    Bonnie Benjamin at
    Keith Miller at President@hilltophoa.com