Board of Directors 2016

Keith Miller 471-1388
100 Treetops Drive
2-year Term through 12/31/ 2016
President & interim Chair of Landscape

Linda DePatto 940-6888
33 Spring Walk Court
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Compliance

Rebecca Mullaney 898-9693
218 Winding Hill Drive
2-year Term through 2017
Chairperson of Architecture

Bonnie Benjamin 898-9113
124 Pinnacle Point Drive
2-year Term through 2016
Treasurer and Chairperson of Finance
Chairperson of Media/Hospitality
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor

Open Board position


Scott Sterner 898-0154
110 Winding Hill Drive
Accountant for the HOA, not a Board member.

Pam Wise 682-0687
108 Winding Hill Drive
Hilltop Helpers coordinator, not a Board member.

HOA website:

September 2016 Newsletter

Homeowners’ Meeting
and Elections

Monday November 14th, 7PM

At: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Corner of Harrisburg and Sylvan (same as last year)

A variety of hors d’oeuvres and desserts will be served (expanded from last year).

Socialize 6:30 – 7:00PM
Meet your neighbors
and Board members

Meeting starts at 7 PM

Your vote is important.

  • We have 3 Board positions whose terms are expiring this year, will you volunteer?
  • Signup to volunteer for a committee?
  • Learn what has been accomplished for Hilltop in 2016
  • Join in the discussion of what is planned for 2017
  • Several major items will be discussed and voted on, including the budget.

If you will not be able to attend, a proxy is attached to your newsletter (email or snail mail), or you can download a proxy from the website. (under ‘additional documents’).

To use the proxy, fill it out and designate another Hilltop owner who will be attending the meeting to vote for you, OR you can send it to the Board Secretary, Rebecca Mullaney (address at left) and request that the Board cast your vote.


Join the Board – If you are a homeowner, please submit your bio to Keith Miller (President) to be considered for a Board position in the upcoming election.

Board members’ commitment, depending on which committees they chair, and how many committee members they have, spend about 1-3 hours per week handling HOA business.

Committee member – you do NOT have to be an owner. Tenants are invited to participate. As a committee member, your commitment will probably average less than 2-4 hours per month.

Hilltop Helpers – don’t want to make a permanent commitment, but still want to contribute to the neighborhood and maybe get to know your neighbors a little better?

Do you have 1-4 hours per YEAR to help a committee with a special project or two? There are a lot of little things that could really help the Board and don’t require an ongoing time commitment.

For more information or to volunteer, please email and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Board member.


REMINDER: As announced previously, beginning with the March issue, hard copy newsletters will only be mailed to those residents and owners who have not given us an email address. Please consider providing the HOA with an email address so we can send your newsletter. Your address will only be used for the newsletter and any timesensitive HOA business, and never shared. Please contact:

In an effort to continue to cut mailing costs, the Board has voted that effective January 1, 2017,

there will be a $10 per year fee charged for owners who prefer to have newsletters mailed to them.

Since the Board wants to be sure that tenants are also kept up to date on what is happening in Hilltop, newsletters will also be mailed to them. The homeowner will be charged $10 per year for mailing newsletters to the tenant of their property, unless an email address is provided.

Please let us know your newsletter preference:
A. Print only (B&W) $10/yr.
B. Email only (color, with live links) (FREE)
C. Both print and email ($10/yr)
For B or C, please give your preferred email address, if you are not already receiving it by email.

Email your preference to:


Hint: not under your
welcome mat or in one of
those fake rocks in your
flower bed!

Instead, hide it at a trusted neighbor’s house (after asking their permission, of course). You can still use a fake rock or put it in a small baggie placed inside an old plastic pill bottle glued to the bottom of a real rock (and placed with other rocks). Or if your neighbor’s front door light has a door, you can put your key inside the light.

Better yet, if you have a willing neighbor whom you trust, ask them to keep an extra house key and car key in their home. That way, if you are out of town and there is a snow storm, power outage, etc. they can check on things for you.

A key is only useful to a burglar if it fits the lock.


I know you see this reminder every year – but it bears repeating…

Please remember that the fireplaces in our units are designed for occasional use only and are primarily decorative in nature. They are NOT – and never were – intended to be used as a primary, or ongoing, heat source. To use the fireplace in such a way puts not only the homeowner, but also neighbors on either side, at risk of fire and/or smoke damage.

Don’t forget to test your smoke alarm!


Yes, unfortunately, it is that time of year when we need to start planning for winter. You can read the snow removal policy on our website

For those who do not have computer access, please contact Keith Miller at 471-1388 to request a printed copy.


We had 32 families (last year we had 31) participate this year in the Hilltop’s Annual Yard Sale on August 27. I personally spoke to all participants, and the vast majority of them were thrilled with their results. (continued in next column)

Since this is the second year holding it the weekend before Labor Day – and in both cases we have had excellent participation and the sellers were very happy – we will continue to hold the Yard Sale on the same date every year.

Mark your calendars for next year when the Yard Sale will be held on Saturday August 26th!


This article was posted in full in the June newsletter, but for our many new residents, a reminder is posted here.

Please refer to the HOA website under the “legal” tab to read and download all this information.

Your Board has developed revised Rules and Regulations along with several pages of General Information topics, along with a newly added “Disclaimer” that states where there are errors in the Declarations.


Do you need a handyman for work around your home? Maybe you want a quote on new windows or doors?

A section for this is now on the HOA website. We will only list names of contractors or businesses that one or more Hilltop residents have personal experience with.

ALSO: If you know someone and you can personally vouch for the quality of their work and want them to be added to the ‘Who You Gonna Call’ list, please send their info to for consideration.


Inclusion on this list DOES NOT in any way imply HOA Board endorsement or recommendation of suitability for any particular job.

If you choose to hire any of the people listed on the website, or who may be listed in the future, it is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the homeowner to check references to be sure that they can do a satisfactory job.


This site is like a Facebook page for neighborhoods, (but a LOT more secure). If you sign up, you can choose to either see (and be seen by) just your Hilltop neighbors who are also members, OR you can select “surrounding neighborhoods” and also see what those neighbors are posting. These posts include things for sale, provide and request recommendations, list services offered and community events, find lost pets, report suspicious vehicles, find neighbors with common interests, and more. Your Board authorized it to be set up for Hilltop residents to promote communication between neighbors on an informal basis. It is in addition to the Hilltop HOA website, which gives information specific to residents, rather than sharing general information among residents.

About the security of the only way one can join is to be invited by an existing of (or send an email to the webmaster requesting an invitation). That is the first step to being sure that people who join truly are living in our neighborhood. Then the request is sent to the administrator (who, at this point, is the webmaster)

and verified as a resident of Hilltop. This ensures that ONLY Hilltop residents are included in the Hilltop group. Since this is the same process for all neighborhoods in, you can feel safe that anyone you communicate with on that site IS a neighbor! We live in a safe neighborhood and want to keep it that way.

Q. What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?
A. A pouch potato.
Q. How do you think the unthinkable?
A. Thteer it into an itheberg.

Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.
P O Box 4841
Lancaster, PA 17604-4841



This newsletter is meant to inform the residents of Hilltop with news from your Board, useful information and things going on in our neighborhood. It is published four times a year in March, June, September and December.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to contact:

Bonnie Benjamin at
Keith Miller, President at