NOTE: Nextdoor is NOT run by Hilltop. It is a completely separate platform that is available to neighborhoods nation wide.

This is an on-line, social networking, closed group (a bit like FaceBook but with much stricter security), consisting ONLY of your neighbors. It is a shared “bulletin board” where you can post something for sale, a recommendation, look for a missing pet, etc. Membership is by invitation only from a member of Hilltop. Request an invitation by emailing the webmaster with your name, email and street address and an invitation will be sent. The person replying to the invitation must be verified to be a member of the Hilltop HOA before being accepted for membership. This same requirement applies to the surrounding neighborhood areas which also have groups set up. So you can be secure in the knowledge that anyone you “talk” to on Nextdoor really IS a neighbor.

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You can select your setting to see only Hilltop postings/news or you can select to view (and be seen by) the surrounding Nextdoor groups (Veranda and the Meadows, to name two).

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