Hilltop Homeowners Association (HOA) Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents FAQs 

Important Information to Review before Buying or Selling a Property

Sellers and Real Estate Agents1:

1. When the Seller lists their Property, the Seller should immediately notify the HOA  Property Manager (ManagementHilltopHOA@gmail.com).

a. Compliance Inspection: As part of every sale, the HOA requires a compliance inspection to ensure the property is in good condition and meets all HOA standards and complies with all Governing Documents.

b. When the compliance inspection is completed, the HOA Property Manager will contact and inform the Seller if there any items that need to be corrected or repaired prior to the issuing of the Resale Certificate or, if not corrected or repaired, will need to be listed on the Resale Certificate.

c. The compliance inspection results are final as to what items requirecorrection or repair to meet HOA standards.

d. If the Seller fails to make the listed corrections or repairs, these items will be listed on the Resale Certificate and (i) become the Buyer’s responsibility OR (ii) in certain cases, the HOA may hire a professional to make the correction or repairs and deduct the costs from the Seller’s escrow account funds.

2. Once the Seller’s Property is under contract, the Seller or Seller’s agent should immediately notify the HOA Property Manager (ManagementHilltopHOA@gmail.com) with the Buyer’s name, Closing Date, and Title Company Name. Providing this information to the HOA Property Manager will prevent delays to processing the Resale Certificate so it can be prepared for the Closing Date. Processing the Resale Certificate may take up to ten (10) days from the date of notification.

3. If all items identified in the compliance inspection have been resolved by closing, the Seller’s escrow account funds will be returned to the Seller. Payment of the Seller’s escrow account funds is the responsibility of the Seller and/or Title company. The HOA has no authority to determine when the Seller’s funds will be returned. The Seller providing a forwarding address to the Title Company and the HOA will facilitate payment.

4. The Resale Certificate fee is $200.00 paid by check made to the Hilltop HOA. Payment is due at the closing. Payment for the Resale Certificate is the responsibility of the Seller.

5. The Seller is responsible for providing house keys and mailbox keys to the Buyer.  The HOA does not have copies of any keys.

6. The Seller is responsible for reviewing with the Buyer ALL non-original items added to the property and maintained at the owner’s expense. Examples include, but are not limited to: plantings, extra beds that require mulch/weeding & edging, awnings, additions/sunrooms, structures, or other improvements that require maintenance at the owner’s expense. Such items must be maintained in good condition and appearance. 

1 This information also applies to Sellers without a Real Estate Agent.

Buyers and Real Estate Agents2:

1. The Hilltop is a fee-simple townhome community. Hilltop has NO condominiums. There are NO common areas. All HOA units and property are privately owned as designed by the plot plan for the development.

2. Following the closing, the Buyer should immediately notify the HOA Property Manager (ManagementHilltopHOA@gmail.com) with the following Buyer information: (a) Name; (b) Address, (c) Email Address, and (d) Telephone Number. This information is required so the HOA can fulfill its legal obligations to notify Owners of important HOA events including the Annual Meeting and provide Owners with important information concerning snow plowing, dates that contractors will be working on homes, dates for spring mulching, etc.

3. The Buyer is responsible for obtaining house keys and mailbox keys from the  Seller. The HOA does not have copies of any keys.

4. At the time of closing, any corrections or repairs identified during the Seller’s compliance inspection that have not been resolved will become the Buyer’s responsibility following the closing.

5. The Buyer is responsible for the general evaluation, inspection, and maintenance  of the Buyer’s home and property.

6. Upon purchase, the Buyer is legally bound by the HOA’s Governing Documents and is strongly encouraged to review them on the website (www.hilltophoa.com) The Governing Documents include:

a. Bylaws of the Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc.

b. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Hilltop

c. Hilltop Rules, and Regulations and Procedures

d. Rules, and Regulations of Hilltop Homeowners Association – Fine and Penalty Structure

e. Hilltop HOA Required Architectural Standards

f. Hilltop Owner Responsibility Reference Sheet

7. In addition to the Governing Documents, other helpful information can be found on the Hilltop website: (www.hilltophoa.com) including:

a. Hilltop FAQs

b. Information on Dues and How to Pay

  1.  2 This information also applies to Buyers without a Real Estate Agent.