Important Hilltop Homeowners Association (HOA) Documents, Including Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Rules and Regulations, and FAQS are located at hilltophoa.com.

Services Provided by Hilltop HOA (HOA)

  1. Lawn Mowing, Lawn Treatments, and Fall Leaf Clean-Up. The HOA maintains original builder installed swales and storm water basin areas as part of the drainage system. The removal of drainage stones/riprap or otherwise alteration of drainage areas is prohibited.
  2. Snow Removal for driveways/sidewalks for snowfalls of three (3) inches or greater.
  3. Pruning of builder planted pear trees located in the property’s front area.
    – Mulching is completed once per year in the property’s front bed areas located (not including the courtyard).
  4. Scheduled painting and staining occur once (1) every five (5) years. (see website)
    – Painting/staining includes wood trim, front door/garage door, courtyard fencing/gates, and rear divider fences.
    – Homeowner is responsible for repair or replacement of these items prior to any HOA scheduled painting or staining. If repairs are not done, the home will not be painted/stained by the HOA as scheduled.
    – If the repair or replacement does not align with the HOA’s scheduled painting or staining, Owner will be responsible for painting or staining (approval needed).
    – The HOA does not deviate from the painting and staining schedule.

Services NOT Provided by the HOA:

  1. Snow removal in courtyard area.
  2. Regular weeding in all areas located on the homeowner’s property including mulched area around trees, mulched area in front of fence, and the courtyard area. NO common areas located in the Hilltop HOA.
  3. Root Shoots: Stems or weedy shoots that grow directly from the base of the tree or the ground surrounding any tree located on a property. Root shoots should be regularly trimmed to the ground or removed.
    – Do not spray root shoots with weed killer (i.e. Round Up), this will kill the tree.
  4. Lawn Repair including grass seeding.
  5. Landscape Maintenance (other than mowing) including front, side, and rear areas.
  6. Repair or maintenance of concrete patios, driveways, and walkways.
  7. Repair or maintenance of non-original builder items installed by Owner including, but not limited to, additions, damage caused by satellite dish installation, patios, or other hardscaping/landscaping improvements (including improvements located inside the courtyard).
  8. Owner is responsible for sidewalk repair/replacement along the street and driveway repair/replacement.
  9. Owner is responsible for the removal of fallen trees or tree branches.
  10. Owner is responsible for the removal of dead plants and plant material.
  11. Owner is responsible for any lawn or mulched bed restoration required for damage caused by fallen trees or tree branches, exterior improvement projects, trash or debris, or Owner negligence.
  12. Owner is responsible for the overall attractiveness and appearance of property.

HOA is responsible for the maintenance of building surfaces caused by normal wear and tear.

    Building Surfaces Covered by HOA for Normal Wear and Tear:

    1. Siding
    2. Stucco surfaces
    3. Roofing and related trim/flashing
    4. Chimney Surface
    5. Gutters and Downspouts (not including anything attached to downspout to direct water away from home)

    Other Structural Items Not Covered by HOA:

    1. Additions or items added by current or previous Owner.
    2. Building or structural issues related to the home’s interior.
    3. Windows, skylights, doors/garage doors (other than painting), and light fixtures.
    4. Chimney topper or other metal components.
    5. Building or structural issues related to the original home construction including chimney, appliances, fireplace, surface water intrusion, water softener/radon mitigation systems, etc.
    6. Drainage issues, grading, or piping directing water away from the house located at or below ground level.
    7. Repair or replacement of decks/lattice work, courtyard fencing/gates, rear divider fences, or retaining walls directly attached to the home.

    Owner is responsible for monitoring and repairing any damage caused by fire,flood, hail, ice, rain, snow, water damage/intrusion, negligence, or other damage not caused by normal wear and tear to their home.

    Owner is responsible for contacting their homeowner’s insurance company for any damage not caused by normal wear and tear to their home.

    Any Specific Questions Should Be Directed to the HOA’s Property Manager Adam Westgate at:

    Reminder!  All Exterior Additions, Repairs, Alterations, and Changes to the Property’s Exterior Require Owner to Submit a Written Request to the HOA’s Architectural Committee.

    HOA Approval is Required for all Exterior Projects to an Owner Property.

    If required HOA Approval has not been obtained, HOA can require correction or removal of any changes.

    General Information

    Board of Directors for Hilltop for 2021:

    Jeffrey Butch – President and Architectural Chair

    Carole Campbell – Vice-President and Landscaping Chair

    Skip Walters- Secretary and Compliance Chair

    Keith Miller- Treasurer and Finance Chair

    Lauren Dufault- Hospitality, Website, and Newsletter

    Adam Westgate- Management Firm

    Scott Sterner- Accountant

    *The monthly fee for 2021 is $158.50/mo. *

    Payments can be made electronically, by mail or just drop your check in our special HOA box on Winding Hill Dr. at Nolt (next to regular PO boxes). Please put your name or street address on your check.

    *Monthly maintenance fees are anticipated to increase 10% per year, as permitted by our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions  As has been communicated at the Annual Homeowners Meeting and other owner meetings as well as by email and personally delivered documents,  as a 35+  year old community, Hilltop does not currently have sufficient monies set aside to repair or replace due to ‘normal wear and tear’, all the items detailed in our governing documents, now and in the future (Ex. “External surfaces” such as: roofs, siding, gutters, chimney surfaces, etc.).

    2021 Annual Yard Sale
    The 2021 Hilltop Yard Sale will be on Saturday, August 21st from 7am-12pm. The Hilltop Annual Yard Sale is heavily advertised and well attended. We look forward to seeing you in August!

    Mailing Address

    Hilltop Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 4841, Lancaster, PA 17604-4841

    You can also drop off any communication for Adam or the Board at the HOA Box on Winding Hill Dr. just off Nolt Rd.

    Contact: Adam Westgate, Property Manager